Tayo Ososanya

A full-stack cloud data scientist with a master’s in data science, vast commercial data science experience and a track record of leading
hypothesis testing, building reporting dashboards, developing, deploying, and monitoring machine learning models at pace. I have significantly
impacted companies like NBrown Group, Collidascope, Arcadis Gen, Legit.ng having developed and deployed scalable, robustly tested, well
documented models with a focus on increasing revenue, customer retention and automating workflows. I prioritise goal-oriented strategies
whilst maintaining team culture, fostering positive stakeholder relationships, and upholding rigorous coding standards within an agile

Built and deployed a model monitoring framework in Python.

Developed and embedded a model monitoring framework (consisting of Long Term Model Drift monitoring, Early warning monitoring and alerting) for reporting model drift of 4 supervised machine learning CLTV models (demand, returns, orders, transaction) using sklearn, seaborn packages in python. [Private repo!]

Built and Deployed a restaurant weekly meal planner in Python.

Engineered a takeaway database consisting meal data 150+ restaurants using SQL and dbt. Classified over 350,000 takeaway options into diverse dietary plans like vegan, gluten-free, halal etc. using LLMs - OpenAI’s GPT model, python libraries (pandas, FastAPI, seaborn, jupyter), GCP python SDKs (google-cloud-bigquery, google-cloud-storage), Docker, GitHub actions, and deployed the API on GCP Linux VM using a microservices architecture. [Private repo!]

Developed an advanced spatial analysis package in R.

Built an advanced package in R for spatial analysis. This includes functions such as GetElevation() which calculates the elevation given a lat and long, FindNearest() which looks for the nearest spatial feature, ConvertCoordinates() which converts easting and northing to longitude and latitude and vice versa.